The Best News Ever!

Believe The Best News Ever!

Watch the video below.


The best news ever is salvation through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. May today be the day that you believe on the Lord Jesus Christ for eternal life!

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In the video above, we looked at John 3:16. There is a Christmas tract that I have used many times entitled, “The Greatest Gift." 

John 3:16 has often been called "the heart of the Bible" and "the gospel in miniature." It especially expresses the true meaning of Christmas–the reason Jesus came into this world.

Please consider these simple, powerful words:

I. GOD - the greatest Lover

II. SO LOVED - the greatest degree

III. THE WORLD - the greatest number

IV. THAT HE GAVE - the greatest act

V. HIS ONLY BEGOTTEN SON - the greatest Gift

VI. THAT WHOSOEVER - the greatest invitation

VII. BELIEVETH - the greatest simplicity

VIII. IN HIM - the greatest Person

IX. SHOULD NOT PERISH - the greatest deliverance

X. BUT - the greatest difference

XI. HAVE - the greatest certainty

XII. EVERLASTING LIFE - the greatest possession