April Update 2020

April Update 2020
April Update 2020
Dear Family and Friends…
Welcome to Spring 2020! Please don’t let the current events control your faith…desire to move forward “Seeing Him Who Is Invisible.” We are rejoicing over so many blessings to report! Thank you for your faithful prayers, love and support.
1. GOD INCREASED OUR SUPPORT! We received news on Easter Sunday from a current supporter who felt led to increase his weekly giving to A Heart For Revival Ministries! Thank you, dear supporter, for increasing your weekly gifts to aid us financially in the work God has led us to do. You are a huge answer to our prayers! (Though we don’t petition for support from behind pulpits [unless asked to present the need], we do PRAY for support in private. This rejoice point answered specific prayers for support, and allows us another avenue to teach Lydia how God wonderfully hears our prayers and desires to answer them in His time and according to His will!)
2. GOD INCREASED OUR VEHICLE FUND…AGAIN-HALLELUJAH! During March, our home church decided to raise funds for our vehicle need! We are extremely thankful for their gracious, giving spirit which has allowed our car fund to increase!
3. GOD GAVE US A NEW VEHICLE! Our original desire was for a minivan, but through prayer and counsel the RAV4 Hybrid came into view. This has substantially upgraded our vehicle space, and she gets 39 City/41 Hwy…which is huge for us! Toyota recently increased their hybrid battery warranty from 8 years/100,000 miles to 10 years/150,000 miles, which played a huge part in the decision, too. Of course, we are praying for a greater longevity than that… ;-) barring no other issues or the need to get a larger vehicle in the future. We praise God for the opportunity to put 20k down due to the gracious gifts received since 10.19!
4. GOD GAVE US ANOTHER 3K FOUR DAYS AFTER THE PURCHASE OF THE RAV4…the family knew we had need, but didn’t know we had received the new vehicle at the time of their gracious giving. To us, it was another HUGE confirmation of a right choice! God is sooo good!
5. GOD GAVE US 4 MORE EVENTS THOUGH WE HAD 5 POSTPONEMENTS! 2 of the events are rescheduled events for 2020 and 2 of the events are brand new bookings-1 for 2020 and 1 for 2021. This brings the total to 37 events in 2020 and 2 events for 2021. We have been praying for the Lord to fill our fall. He is! He’s just doing it in a different way than we would have imagined by rearranging our current schedule and blessing with new meetings as well.
Our favorite Easter family pictures came at Grammy and Papa’s house!
Meet the 2020 RAV4 Hybrid - “Brook” (named after God’s provisions to Elijah during a hard time-which led to magnificent ministry opportunities)!
Please pray for our MAY “Spring Stretch” of ministry:
1. May 3rd-8th - Spring Revival at Calvary Indp. Baptist in Lebanon, NH (flying to NH)
2. May 20th - Birch Harbor Baptist in Wasilla, AK (flying to Alaska)
3. May 24th-27th - Spring Revival at Immanuel Baptist in Palmer, AK (Canceled since paper mail out was sent.)
4. May 29th - Mid Valley Indp. Baptist in Houston, AK
5. May 31st - Frontier Baptist in Wasilla, AK
6. We currently have a FULL June in Alaska. Our next two months of updates will be digital due to ministry travels in Alaska. Please pray for strength and grace as we minister for God’s glory!  
AS ALWAYS, please continue to pray for souls to be saved and revival to be stirred wherever the Lord leads us … WE LOVE YOU!
The Smith Family ~ Proverbs 3:5-6
P.S. We had the honor to hold an online Spring Revival. During the fourth message, Rachel debuts her brand new song, "For This Child I Prayed." I hope this Spring Revival can be a blessing to you if you haven't had a chance to listen as of yet! God bless you!
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