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Your gracious giving helps us “GO.” Our digital giving platform is simple and secure!

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When you give monthly support or donations to A Heart For Revival Ministries, you are supporting a ministry seeking to evangelize and revive AMERICA for the glory of God.

If you are led to support this ministry, please know that your giving of any amount is never in vain and always used for the glory of God!

There are two ways to give:


Our platform is simple and secure.

You can set up reoccurring giving for ease and consistency.

A. Give by ACH (takes about 5 days for transfer) which has no fees at all, or

B. Give by card for a very small fee (.97 was added to my $50 "test" gift.)


This works great for those who don't wish to use online giving.

Please note: Gifts may not get deposited for awhile depending on our travels.

Our current mailing address for checks is:

Evangelist Justyn Smith C/O

Princeville Baptist Church

235 W. Douglas St. 

Princeville, IL 61559

**The Heart For Revival Ministries, Inc.: 1. Is a local church ministry which seeks to come alongside and help pastors and local churches in the work of revival and evangelism, 2. Has a board of directors who meet for accountability and vision (our Pastor is on the board), and 3. Has obtained a status so any financial gifts are tax deductible.

One of our prayers is to be fully “supplied.” This prayer fulfilled would ultimately benefit the churches we labor with by allowing us to come into a church and serve alongside them without being a financial burden to them. It also allows us to be fully dedicated to the “work” of the ministry week in and week out.

We understand that God may never allow these prayers to be fulfilled. His will is best. He may keep us right where we are at or even change up our ministry completely. BUT, we "have not because we ask not." We believe in having goals for God's glory, and we pray to those ends.

The following “supply” levels are based on our past travel records:

Level One: Base Supply = 1K/Month. This meets our basic ministry and traveling expense needs.

Level One Reached 100% in December 2020!

Level Two: Mid Supply = 2K/Month. This meets basic ministry and traveling expense needs when no meetings are scheduled or when they are canceled. This may even allow for P.S.R.'s (planned seasons of rest) for our family. Learn more about P.S.R.'s here...

Currently at 57%

Level Three: "Full" Supply = 3K-4K/Month. More will be added as God blesses with Mid Supply, but we are praying with specific goals and purposes in mind!

We will start calculating Level Three's percentage as the Lord increases our Level Two supply.

We would like to give a BIG THANK YOU to each of our monthly supporters! Your gracious and consistent giving is not taken for granted, and your giving is put to use for God's kingdom work! God bless you!